Terms of sale

General Conditions of Sale


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the purchase via the internet of the products presented on the site www.carandini.it belonging to Acetificio Carandini Emilio SPA, a company based in Via per Formigine 54/A , Castelvuovo Ragono (MO) registered in the business register REA n. MO n.247721, P.IVA 01858700360, email info@carandini.it hereinafter referred to as "Seller".


1) Procedures for purchasing and accepting conditions of sale

All remote purchase contracts for our products are concluded directly through access by the customer/consumer (hereinafter simply "Customer"), on the website www.carandini.it (of hereinafter simply "Site"). He will be able to select the products displayed in the sales catalogue, as described in the respective product information sheets, and conclude the contractual agreement for the purchase of the desired product/s by inserting these in the "cart" function which provides for the following the forwarding of the order to the seller through an expression of consent by the user by clicking on the buy and pay button.

The agreement between the parties is finalized with the sending of the order and the receipt by the Seller of the payment for the goods ordered. The payment of the goods constitutes an essential part of the purchase contract, in fact the non-receipt of the latter by the Seller entails the cancellation of the purchase contract and the consequent loss of the obligation to forward the goods.

The payment of the goods, for the purpose of concluding the purchase contract, must take place exclusively through one of the methods indicated in the following paragraph 3.

The order sent by the Customer to the Seller through the Site must be completed in all its parts and must contain the elements necessary for the identification of the Customer and the products ordered and the indication of the place of delivery, under penalty of its nullity . The Seller will send the Customer, by e-mail, an order receipt confirmation.

As established by art. 48 Legislative Decree 206/05, the general conditions must be read and approved by the Customer before the conclusion of the contract. By sending the order, the Customer simultaneously declares to have read all the information provided to him during the purchase procedure and to fully accept these general conditions of sale.

If the Customer is a consumer (i.e. a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity), once the online purchase procedure has been completed, he will print or save an electronic copy and in any case keep these general conditions of sale, in compliance with the provisions of the Italian legislation on distance contracts.

The relevant document or, if requested, the invoice certifying the sale of the product/s will be delivered together with the goods and/or by e-mail to the address indicated by the Customer when arranging the shipment of the goods.

2) Products, prices and ancillary costs

The visual representation of the products on the Site, where available, has the purpose of illustrating the product and corresponds to the photographic image representative of the characteristics of the product, however it could be slightly different in colour.

If a product is presented on the Site in areas other than the specific sections intended for product purchase operations or in any case without the "add to cart" icon, it is understood to be unavailable for sale through the Site. Unavailability of the product is considered temporary until new supplies.

All product prices are clearly indicated on the Site and refer to the unit price per package including VAT. The Site can only receive orders for delivery in Italy, in the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France , Germany, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and in the following non-EU countries: Norway, Switzerland, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, Liechtestein, Albania, Andorra and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The seller reserves the right to change product prices and shipping costs at any time and without notice, it being understood that, limited to orders being accepted or already accepted by the Seller (for which payment has already been received of the goods ordered), the conditions of sale in force at the time the order is sent will apply, with the exclusion of non-accepted orders (orders for which the customer has not received confirmation of receipt of the order by e-mail) and rejected.

Transport costs are listed separately in a clear way to the Customer in the "cart" function before confirming the purchase. Before sending the order, the Customer can view it and, if he deems it appropriate, he can abandon the purchase without any obligation to pay.

The cost of each shipment may vary with reference to some variables: the number of products purchased, the weight and dimensions of the packaging.

Shipping costs are intended up to the place of destination indicated by the customer when placing the order on the ground floor and are listed separately in the purchase "cart" under the heading "Total shipping".

Any additional accessory costs - linked by way of example but not limited to customs fees, monetary inflation, etc. – will be communicated to the Customer by e-mail by the courier before the shipment of the goods; in case of non-acceptance by e-mail by the Customer of the additional costs indicated, the order will be considered canceled and the contract will be considered void.

Should there be charges of additional expenses, they may refer to bank commissions established by the agreements of individual Customers with their credit card issuers or banking institutions. These charges do not depend directly on the Seller, who cannot be held responsible in any way.

3) Method of payment

Payment must be made exclusively in Euros.

The payment methods provided and accepted by the site are:

  1. Credit cards: by selecting this payment method, the Customer's browser is automatically redirected to the site responsible for payment, reporting the summary data of the order and the parameters necessary for completing the transaction. The browser connects to the page containing a form in which the Customer must enter the data relating to his credit card or the chosen method with which he intends to make the payment. Once the payment transaction has been completed, the user can be redirected to the Seller's website or choose to continue browsing.
  2. PayPal: this is a system that allows you to carry out online transactions (purchases, payments, transfers) but without your card or bank account data being shared with the recipient of the payment. To use paypal you need to register on the site and open an account/account, you can associate a credit card or a prepaid card with it, or top up by bank transfer from your bank account.When you have money in your account, you can pay for the products by following a simple wizard provided by the paypal function. For more information, visit the website www.paypal.com

The Customer is required to send the payment via one of the methods listed to correctly complete the order.

The Seller does not have internal security systems for managing online payments, this activity is delegated to the two portals that deal with the management of Stripe and Paypal transactions.

4) Shipments and collections

Deliveries will take place as soon as possible after receipt of payment by courier indicated by the Seller. The goods will be shipped from the Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) plant.

The order processing time can vary from 48 hours following the order to a maximum of 10 working days from the confirmation of the same. In the event that the Seller is unable to carry out the shipment within this period, the Customer will be promptly notified.

The risks deriving from the transport of the goods are borne by the Seller until delivery. The risk will be transferred to the Customer upon delivery of the products to the Customer, or to whoever designated by him for the receipt of the goods, by the shipper.

The goods travel in packaging made directly by the manufacturer, in suitably closed cardboard boxes. The delivery times of the goods ordered are purely indicative and may vary due to force majeure or due to traffic conditions and road conditions in general or by act of the Authority.

The courier makes a first and a second delivery attempt for each shipment, in the event of the customer's absence, he will leave a notice with the information useful for retracing the same and try the delivery again on the first working day. The Customer must take steps to organize the collection of the products by making himself available. The Customer acknowledges that the collection of the products represents an obligation deriving from the sales contract concluded with the Seller. Therefore, in the event that even the second delivery attempt by the courier fails, the contract shall be deemed automatically terminated pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code, with a simple communication from the Seller sent by e-mail to the Customer, and, therefore, the order will be canceled for all purposes. Within 15 days of the aforementioned communication, the Seller will then refund the total amount paid by the Customer for the products, less the costs of unsuccessful shipment, the costs of returning the products to the Seller and any other any expense that the Seller has incurred due to non-delivery due to the absence or inaction of the Customer in fulfilling the obligation to receive the delivery.


The refund due as per the previous paragraph will be credited to the same means of payment used by the Customer.


Once the refund has been made in the manner described, if the Customer wishes to request delivery of the products, he will necessarily have to proceed with a new order.


5) Defects and product returns

Upon receipt of the Products, the Customer is required to verify their conformity in relation to the order, paying attention, in particular, to that:

- the number of packages indicated on the carrier's letter corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered;

- the package is intact and not damaged or tampered with.
Any anomalies (such as, for example, tampering, damage to the package) must be specifically indicated in writing directly on the courier's transport document, and the Customer must refuse delivery. At the same time, the Customer will be required to report the fact to the Service Customers of the Seller, through immediate and timely reporting to customerservice@carandini.it.


6) Customer Service, complaints and communications

The following contact details are indicated to which the Customer can contact for any further information or assistance or to forward complaints:
+39 059535320


All communications which, pursuant to the General Conditions, are made by e-mail will be sent to the address communicated by the Customer during Login.


7) Applicable law and competent court

The sales contract concluded in accordance with the General Conditions is governed by Italian law.

For any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation of the General Conditions and the execution of the contract concluded pursuant to the aforementioned, the Court of the place of residence or domicile of the User will be competent, in the case of a resident or with domicile in Italy. If the User is not resident or has no domicile in the Italian territory, for any dispute that may arise between the Seller and the Customer regarding the interpretation of the General Conditions and the execution of the contract concluded pursuant to the aforementioned, in the case of action brought by the Seller, the latter may choose between the Court of Modena and the Court of the place of residence or domicile of the Customer, alternatively between them; in the event of an action brought by the Customer, the Court of Modena will have exclusive jurisdiction.


8) Privacy

Pursuant to Article 13 of Community Regulation 679/2016/EU, Iperal S.p.A. proceeds to the processing of the data provided by the Customer in compliance with the legislation on privacy data as better specified in the privacy policy on the site in the "Privacy Policy" section.


9) Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to 231/2001

The Customer declares to be aware that Acetificio Carandini has adopted and implements an Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, with the relative Code of Ethics and Disciplinary System which he declares to have read from the company website and which he declares to have understood.

The Customer declares to adhere to the principles of the aforementioned Organisation, Management and Control Model as well as its annexes and undertakes to respect its contents, principles and procedures and, in general, to refrain from any behavior aimed at configuring the hypotheses of offense indicated in Legislative Decree 231/01 and its subsequent amendments and additions and reported in the aforementioned Organisation, Management and Control Model.

The Customer also undertakes to respect all the principles contained in the aforementioned documentation and the behavioral protocols envisaged by the Seller pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, relieving the latter from any legal, economic and legal consequences that may derive from the violation of the same.