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White Glaze with Condimento Bianco

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Carandini’s line of Glazes offer the possibility to tastefully experience Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI and Sweet White Vinegar in a variety of products that are easy to use and full of natural flavors.
Carandini Glaze with Sweet White Vinegar contains Sweet White Vinegar and concentrated grape must.
A simple and great way to create, innovate, and garnish all your dishes, both sweet and savory.


Concentrated grape must 76%, white condiment 20% (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must), thickener: modified starch. Contains sulfites.

Consigli di utilizzo

<p>Your perfect companion for salad, meat, cheese, french fries, fish and more!</p><p>Perfect to pair with maturated cheese, with strong flavors, like Pecorino cheese. It can be used as a mustard with fried fish or meat, as well as a tasty dressing for salads.</p>